Audio: “Letting God Be God”

David had a holy and sincere desire to build a magnificent house for the ark of the covenant. And he had the approval of Nathan, the man of God. But he was suddenly stopped by a “divine disappointment” – God told David, “Thou shalt not build me an house” (1 Chron. 17:4).

David’s response to this directive revealed his faith. He sat down before the Lord and gave thanks and praise, stating,  “And now, LORD, thou art God” (1 Chron. 17:26). David did not suddenly realize that the LORD was God; his statement was one of submission, humility, and faith. “Thou art God” – the God of my life. God is going to be God whether you acknowledge Him or not – but there is a great peace in accepting that He is God, and we are His creation; He is the Lord, and we are the servants; He is the King, and we are the subjects; He is the Shepherd, and we are the sheep; He is the Father, and we are His born again children.

How well do you handle “divine disappointments?” Will you let God be God in your desires, decisions, and disappointments? This message was preached Sunday morning, November 11, 2012. Listening options: Download MP3.  Listen now.  Transfer to our audio site

“THEN WAS JESUS TEMPTED OF THE DEVIL.” Immediately following the baptism of the Lord Jesus, He was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness for forty days and nights, where He came under temptation by the devil himself. This incident in the life of our Lord reveals to us how we can have victory over Satan. The devil always wants to convince us that he can feed us better than God can feed us, take us higher than God can take us, or give us more than God can give us – if we will simply abandon God’s will for our lives and accept the devil’s terms. The Lord Jesus was victorious over the strongest possible temptations – and we, too, can live in victory over satanic devices. This message was preached Sunday morning, November 4, 2012. Listening options: Download MP3.  Listen now.  Transfer to audio site

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