Poem: Aaron and Hur

This poem is based on Exodus 17:8-13. While Joshua fought in the valley, Moses stood upon the hilltop, upholding his staff in prayer. When he held up the rod, Israel won; but when his arms grew tired and he lowered it, Amalek prevailed. Can you imagine seeing Moses’ arms trembling as he struggled to hold up the staff over his people? Finally, Aaron and Hur each took one of Moses’ arms and held them up until the battle was over.

Men need the ministry of their pastors on the mountaintop of prayer; they need and deserve a pastor who uplifts them in prayer as they battle in this world. But when the pastor grows weary, he needs men of encouragement. He needs someone to lift him up with an encouraging word, a kind deed, or friendly act. He needs men praying for him as he prays for them. This is a ministry anyone can get involved in, starting today!

By Dr. James Rasbeary
In Rephidim the battle began,
Between Israel and their foes;
As Joshua and Amalek 
Fiercely exchanged their blows.
But the battle was not won
In the valley far away
But up upon the mountain top
Where the man of God did pray.
When he upheld his shepherd’s staff
The enemy faced defeat;
But when his hands began to drop
Israel had to retreat.
Though Moses was the man of God
He was, still, just a man of clay;
Even Moses needed some men 
From God to help him on that day.
For men were fighting for their lives,
Their families, nation, and their God;
Moses stood and watched and prayed
But he struggled to hold the rod.
Aaron and Hur saw the need,
And quickly interceded;
While they upheld his weary arms
The enemies receded.
So we see that victory requires
Warriors who in the valley fight;
But we also need a man of God
Standing for us upon the height.
And he needs some faithful men –
Men that are loyal, true, and bold –
Who, when the battle rages,
Will his weary hands uphold.

About James Rasbeary

I am the pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Wylie, Texas. Check out my blog at www.broraz.com.
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One Response to Poem: Aaron and Hur

  1. Pat Rasbeary says:

    Beautiful poem, James…..as always

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