Then “Peter Rose Up”

“Then Peter Rose Up.” There is no denying that Peter struck out at times in his Christian life. He spoke when he should have listened; he answered when no one asked a question; he slept when he should have prayed; he rebuked the Lord; he made big promises that he did not keep, and had good intentions which were misguided or unfulfilled; he boasted that he would never deny Christ, and then did so three times; even after the resurrection he returned to the fishing business, taking half the apostles with him!

Yet the Lord did not kick him off the team. And on the day of Pentecost, when the Lord needed a home run hitter, He sent Peter to the plate. This encouraging message discusses five times that “Peter rose up.” He rose up to the Call, to the Crisis, to the Challenge, to the Conflict, and finally to the Cross.    Download MP3.    Listen Now.

“The People of God.” The introductory lesson in our new Wednesday Night Bible Study series from 1 and 2 Peter.  Download MP3.  Listen Now. Transfer to Sermon Audio Site.

“The Seven-fold Ministry of God’s Word.” Discusses the character and work of God’s Word: It is seed, the sword of the Spirit, honey, light, water, a hammer, and fire. Download MP3.  Listen Now. 

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