Repost/Correction: “The After-Effects of Grace”

Repost: Somehow this file originally played the sermon, “The Least You Can Do.” We are sorry for the cyber mix-up. The audio file below has been corrected.

Salvation by grace through faith is the banner flying high from the battlements of the New Testament church. We believe that salvation is free, full, and forever for all who believe fully on the Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation is the gift of God – 100% by grace through faith. Not by grace through the church, or grace through baptism, or gracethrough good works – but grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Yet grace does not simply bring us salvation. We are to “grow in grace.” Titus 2 tells us that grace has some lessons for us. Hebrews 12 warns us that when we “fail of the grace of God,” we become Grace Deficient, which causes us to become bitter and brittle.

This message discusses Five After-effects of Grace when it is allowed to work in our lives.

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