Audio Files Corrected & Reposted

Oops! We’re not sure what happened with our Sermon Network audio files, but they apparently were not opening as they should have. The last two have been corrected and are now available for downloading or listening online.

“Great Power And Great Grace.” A study of the Church of Jerusalem reveals that this tremendous church had two elements often lacking in today’s churches: they were endued with great power from on high, and great grace was upon them. This message discusses four ingredients found in the early church that brought great power and great grace – and how these ingredients can bring the same power and grace upon our churches today.

Options: Download MP3.   Open PDF Notes.

“What Is Your Life?” In James 4:14, the God Who inhabits eternity asks us a question that we should give serious consideration to: “What is your life?” This message points out seven Biblical facts about your life that Christians and non-Christians need to take to heart.

Options: Download MP3.  Open PDF Notes.

About James Rasbeary

I am the pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Wylie, Texas. Check out my blog at
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