Ten Years in Pictures

This weekend is our church’s tenth anniversary. Below are some pictures from the first ten years (some of which are quite funny now!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

About James Rasbeary

I am the pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Wylie, Texas. Check out my blog at www.broraz.com.
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3 Responses to Ten Years in Pictures

  1. Richard says:


    Looking forward to what God will do over the next ten years!

  2. Pat Rasbeary says:

    Loved the photos of the past 10 years. Cant get over how young everyone looked..
    Congratulations…it was a great day today

  3. Tori says:

    Bro. James and Amanda,

    WOW!! I just spent way too much time on here looking at that slide show. Oh yea and how excited I was to see US!!! We sure love you guys and we’re so proud of you. You are rock solid and we know that the word “quit” isn’t even in your vocab. BTW, we share the same 10 year anniversary year.
    Looking forward to seeing the 20 year photos!

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