Ladies Spectacular 2010!

This weekend our church hosted a regional Ladies Spectacular. More than 250 Independent Baptist ladies from all over the DFW Metroplex and parts of Texas and Oklahoma came out for two days of fellowship, Bible study, and fun.

Hosting any such meeting is a job by itself. Combining that with a total renovation of the property (in which everything hasn’t gone according to plan), and it was a BIG job. I was very proud of Mrs. Rasbeary, who has worked on this meeting for over a year, and did an outstanding job of leading it through. I am also thankful for all of our church ladies who have done so much to make it all happen.  They worked very hard, sacrificed a lot of time, and did their very best to be a blessing to these ladies from other churches. It certainly appeared like everyone had a wonderful time.

The theme was “A Child of the King” and they turned our gym into a royal castle. The guest speakers included pastor’s wives Jullia Way, Christie Frazier, and Memorie Suggs, as well as assistant pastor’s wife Cathe Ross, Tiffany Moore, and Amanda Winkle. We had split sessions for pastor’s wives, assistant pastor’s wives, college students, teenagers, and church members. I believe that it was a beneficial time for all.

I must say that Mrs. Raz amazed me by the outstanding leadership she showed from beginning to end. Not only did she bring about a great meeting, but she has spent much of the last two weeks helping me with the church renovations. My wife is certainly an amazing woman! Not bad for a bus kid from a broken home – but saved by the grace of God and a child of the King!

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One Response to Ladies Spectacular 2010!

  1. Pat Rasbeary says:

    I was very impressed at the hard work and dedication that went into the ladies spectacular. I had a wonderful time and everything was planned perfectly. Thank you Mrs. Rasbeary for a wonderful time and many thanks to all your faithful ladies and teenage girls for all their hard work…It was such a blessing to me..

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